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Olivia Stefanino


Imagine if Money Could Speak – What Would It Say To You?

Money is a medium for life – and when we begin to understand our emotional relationship with Money, everything else in life suddenly starts to make sense too.

Hidden in plain sight, Money has been both revered and reviled through the centuries – and it’s only now that its deeper messages are coming to light.

In this powerful, engaging and possibly life-changing session, you’ll come to see why Money is one of the greatest teaching tools of the Universe – and what its lessons mean for you in your life.

As well as hearing what Money would have to say you if it could speak, Olivia will also explain how you can develop your own personal relationship with Money.

Olivia will be sharing her ‘Money Medicine Wheel’ – a tool she created to help people swiftly make the leap from ‘lack’ to ‘abundance’!
She will also tell you how to use her innovative ‘Money Types’ to create the abundance and success you deserve…

While Jungian Archetypes reflect our humanness, what if there were equally compelling archetypes that could reveal our attitudes and beliefs around money?

Well now there are – and by gaining an understanding of Olivia’s powerful and proven ‘Money Types’ emotional profiling system, you’ll immediately benefit from a new and deeper understanding of the relationships you have with yourself, other people and indeed, money!

And if you’ve ever wondered what story you’re ‘running’ about money – and why the same frustrating patterns may be repeating in your life – you’ll absolutely love what each of the six ‘Money Types’ has to teach.

In this exciting and illuminating session, you’ll learn how to harness the power of the Pharaoh, Magician, Joker, Angel, Architect and Prisoner ‘Money Types’.

And once you understand how to apply their wisdom to your own life, you’ll finally be able to live to your full potential – sharing your unique gifts with the world.

About Olivia Stefanino

Olivia’s life and work is devoted to integrating apparent opposites – particularly in the realms of business and spirituality. She’s spent much of her adult life studying a blend of western techniques and eastern philosophies – and has subsequently developed a suite of programmes and modalities which have helped thousands of people around the world. Her book, “Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!” has been translated into three languages.
Drawing on her extensive work in the financial sector and her ongoing studies into emotional intelligence and behavioural economics led to Olivia creating the ‘Money Types’ – a powerful and unique emotional profiling tool – several years ago.
As well as hosting her own radio show for two years on an American network, Olivia has also been interviewed on countless radio programmes as well as several documentaries. She has also been featured in a number of newspapers and magazines in the UK, USA and India.

Find out more about Olivia – and discover your ‘Money Type’ now (complete with a FREE 16 page report!) by visiting:

Dr Gary Cook


“When we have learned how to listen to trees then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike  hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy” – Hermann Hesse

Papatuanuku, the Mother Earth speaks to us constantly through the trees and the plants. We can now tune into what they are saying through modern electronics that gives a voice to the plants.

Gary Cook will be sharing with you his latest research into the World of Plants and the wonderful music that is coming from forest and garden plants.

You will hear the amazing music played by Sybella, a special Peace Lily that has been performing with Gary for the past 3 years. We live in a time of thrilling revelations.


About Dr Gary Cook

Gary Cook is a leading writer on the special nature of the mystic realms that are to be found in New Zealand. An explorer of ancient sacred places and energy sites in the unique New Zealand landscape, Gary has devoted many years of searching and writing of the wonders to be found within the islands of New Zealand and the South Pacific.

His extensive journeys and experiences allow him to share much of the deeper nature of the forests, the waters and the mountains that allows us all to connect with the natural order in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Gary has appeared on television programs, hosted a radio show and leads groups on journeys to sacred sites in New Zealand. Gary has published a series of four books in the Secretland Series.

Danny Thorn


As NZ’s leading Feng Shui expert for more than 25 years, Danny is intimately knowledgeable of this country’s Feng Shui. In his first presentation, he will give an overview of the history and underlying Natural Principles of Classical Feng Shui and how it applies to this country in particular Auckland and Wellington. He will also cover:

  • Living examples of Classical and not so classical Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui at Work – Case Studies – the practical side of Feng Shui
  • The Time/Space dimension in classical Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui in design from land selection to building completion
  • Key Points of identifying positive Feng Shui

The 90 minute workshop will include question time so think about what you would like to know about this ancient and valuable subject that many find increases their wellbeing both at home and work.

About Danny Thorn

Danny Thorn of Feng Shui Consultants is a classical Feng Shui researcher, teacher, consultant and writer. Trained mostly by recognized Hong Kong teachers even a Grandmaster. He regularly travels internationally for his work to Australia, Asia, Europe, South America and across the Pacific, to consult, and do research on Feng Shui.
His clients range from both large and small corporate clients, government agencies, family businesses and family groups. He has experience doing feng shui work with some of New Zealand’s largest companies, from major producers, banks, hospitals, shopping malls, retail complexes, large and small housing developments and individual houses.
Although his work regularly involves analyzing the feng shui of existing buildings, he is just as comfortable with both large and small developments from site selection all the way through to turn key projects. He is also frequently requested to help Chinese families in New Zealand find suitable grave sites for their deceased.
Danny is also an expert in the Four Pillars of Destiny system, otherwise known as Ba Zi or Chinese astrology.

Sylvia Vowless QSM


– and the part YOU and I play!

Most people are aware that we’re moving into a new evolutionary era of some kind which is often called the ‘Shift’ or the ‘Awakening.’ It’s predominantly a shift in personal and collective consciousness and awareness but it’s also being seen in the rising global movements too. So what exactly is it and how does it involve us? How can we be ‘Conscious Participants’ in what my friend and colleague Dr Bruce Lipton perfectly calls ‘A PARTICIPATORY EVOLUTION?’

What makes this era different from previous ones is that it’s as much about the individual as the whole of humanity, which is why each one of us is needed to make it successful. The new sciences such as epigenetics and quantum physics are proving how vitally important it is for everyone to change our mindsets and actions – we must be the change we want to see.

One important step is summed up in the statement: “Know that your attitudes and beliefs shape not only the body but the world you experience!”

In this presentation Sylvia will share her understanding of what it’s all about both from a spiritual and a physical perspective. She will also share some proven, practical steps we each can take to uplift not only our own lives but humanity’s evolution of consciousness. Things like an A-List of Attitudes for example that decide what your life experiences are like, are some of the simple yet highly life-changing tools you’ll take away with you!

About Sylvia Vowless QSM

Known as ‘New Zealand’s Venerable Spiritual Icon,’ Sylvia is a recognized international authority and writer on Spiritual Transformation based upon 45+ years study and ‘test-driving’ Ancient Wisdom teachings, plus three decades of teaching and speaking worldwide. Since the 1990’s she has been invited as Guest Presenter to numerous international conferences in such countries as Turkey, Brazil, Germany, Austria, UK, Scandinavia and America.

Sylvia’s latest book The Miracle Effect: 4 Steps to Living Heaven on Earth Every Day has recently won 2 international Awards – the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award from the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs in the USA, and Finalist in the 2017 Top Five Best Indie Book Awards.
Already being read in 19 countries, The Miracle Effect is receiving 5-Star reviews on several Amazon sites. Judging by the comments, it’s fulfilling its mission in helping many people learn how they can become self-empowered and so change their lives for the better.

In 1996 she established the Melchizedek Academy of Soul Education International which serves through ‘OM’ International, the Order of Melchizedek Mystery School for the 21st Century. Chosen in 2005 as Spiritual Ambassador for the Southern Hemisphere, Sylvia works with the Western Esoteric tradition and lineage which includes the Universal Tree of Life and Gnostic-Qabbalah mysticism.
Sylvia is living proof that anyone can enjoy a miracle-filled, ‘heaven on earth’ way of life through living from one’s Higher Self perspective and potential. Her passion and unique gift is giving practical ‘how to’ techniques so you can create just that, including miracles!

Marius and Jeltje

Kim Knight 


Your Health is your Wealth

When I was little my Grandfather used to say “without your health you have nothing”. At the time I didn’t understand what he meant. Years later, after being diagnosed with clinical depression and chronic fatigue, which resulted in being unable to work for 10 years, I understood what he meant.

As a result of a very long journey back to health, including literally travelling the world to find answers, at a cost of millions in loss of home and life savings, I can now truly say I understand both the cost of illness and value of good health. It’s why I have become so passionate about teaching people how to become the master of their wellbeing on all ‘5 PEMSE’ levels.

In this presentation I will share some fascinating facts about the human body, including the 5 keys to illness prevention and 9 pillars of health mastery. We will also look at the ‘meta-physical’ meaning in physical symptoms; how every cell, tissue and organ in the body have a dual function, and until we understand, honour and learn how to operate and use this dual function, the body is unable to prevent illness or fully recover from dis-ease.

We will also see how learning to become the master of our wellbeing on all 5 PEMSE levels IS a necessary part of the evolution of the Soul.

About Kim Knight

Kim is a pioneer in a new paradigm of healthcare currently emerging on the planet.
After a 25 year journey back to health from clinical depression, chronic fatigue and other chronic symptoms which left her house-bound and unable to work for 10 years, and after trying over 200 therapies to get herself well, she finally synthesized the core factors which cause illness, plus how to reverse symptoms without medication or supplements.

Known as the ‘Kiwi Health Detective’ for her ability to isolate the root cause of the most complex health issues in just one consultation, she can help clients turn around years of chronic illness in just a few weeks.
Kim loves sharing how we can harness the self-healing abilities of our infinitely intelligent body-mind, which in itself is a necessary part of our journey to self-realization and wisdom.
She is based in New Zealand and works worldwide with clients remotely and also through online programs and webinars.

Marius and Jeltje

Marius and Jeltje 

Saturday evening:

Gong masters Marius and Jeltje will take you on a sound journey:  “Opening the Doors into Inner Peace”.
The vibrations of the gong are space filling. Multiple tones and clusters of harmonic overtones build as the gong is played, eventually creating a spiralling cocoon of total sound, which enables you to lose the sense of physicality, place and time.

The gong purifies and quietens the mind. It literally cuts through the linear mind and clears the clutter from the subconscious mind to reveal the radiant and authentic self. It has the capacity to bypass the ego-mind and activate our innate healing ability, which is wise and non-judgemental. The mind returns to a state of stillness where innate wisdom can be accessed.
On a physical level, the gong releases tension and blocks in the body, it improves the functioning of the glandular and nervous system, it increases the flow of prana, our vital life force, and improves circulation.

The gong is named after the sound it makes. When played it releases a resonant power called OM, “The Word” that begot “Light”. OM is the sound of the soul. When you listen deeply to the gong, the sound of OM is reverberating and penetrating your being helping to raise your consciousness. The total fullness of the OM tone creates deep silence within.

“Vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos shall clear the path.”  — Yogi Bhajan

So on a spiritual level, the gong helps us to clear our path of obstacles so that we live a life of destiny as opposed to a life of fate.

About Marius and Jeltje

In 2007 Marius heard that grand gong master Don Conreaux and a few other gong masters were giving a gong concert and a short gong playing workshop in Nelson. He went to the event and was totally blown away by the sounds of the gong and their healing powers. He came home with a CD and after listening to it Jeltje was immediately enthusiastic about gong sounds too!
Tthe next year Marius and Jeltje attended a 3-day intensive gong playing workshop with Don Conreaux in England. You guessed it: they were hooked on gong playing, bought two gongs, a Moon gong and a Symphonic gong. Back in New Zealand they started performing healing, relaxing gong concerts at full moon. A year later a Chiron and an Earth gong were added.

They intergrate various other instruments in the concerts, to mention some: Tibetan singing bowls, didgeridoo, drums, flute, chimes and even a musical saw. All these acoustic instruments have been selected for their healing and relaxing sound vibrations. By interweaving the sound of the gongs with the other instruments they create a very unique and healing soundscape in their concerts.
The full moon concerts have been going for more than 9 years and when invited Marius and Jeltje are happy to pack all their acoustic instruments and travel to other parts of the country.

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