One-Light Gathering

Co-Creating an International
Community of Light

- Theme -

Create more Love, Wealth, and Wellbeing in your life!

Let's Do It!

Friday 9th March 6.30pm, to Sunday 11th 4.30pm
Tauhara Centre, Taupo, New Zealand

YOU are warmly invited to join our magical weekend for Mind – Body – Soul …

A – Awareness of all kinds of abundance
B – Beauty of new friends
U – Understandings to uplift your life
N – New practical information
D – Delightful and useful tools
A – Awesome experience
N – Knowledge that empowers
C – Clarity about yourself
E – Energise & Enjoy!

The Super weekend was Stunning, Stupendous, Scintillating, Sparkling, Surprising, Shining and Stirring!

After the marvellous gathering I’ve reconnected with my dreams and aspirations for this year and I am now on a roll!!!

Thank you – thank you – thank you – we thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Gathering – it was an amazing event with excellent presenters. Loved the Gong Masters’ evening and the visit to the Kaimanawa Wall made it an outstanding experience.

Keynote Speakers

Imagine if Money Could Speak

  • What would it say to you about the money programmes you’re running?
  • Learn about your personal relationship with money
  • Use Olivia’s newest ‘Money Medicine Wheel’ tool
  • Swiftly make the leap from ‘lack’ to ‘abundance’
  • Discover your ‘Money Types’ emotional profiling system archetypes
  • Harness their power and apply their wisdom!
Dragos & Eric

E.V.E Consciousness

  • Learn about this new era of E.V.E consciousness
  • Discover your destiny as a thought-form creator
  • Understand the Principles of Energetic Exchange
  • Align with abundance in every joyous area of life
  • Learn Leslie’s ‘Cosmic Order’ tool for creation
  • Hear about how she ‘ordered’ her magical marriage!

The International One-Light Gathering  was created in response to the desire in our community
for like-minded individuals of integrity and spiritual values,
to gather to elevate and celebrate life!!


Jane Gruebner
Ngaire Pook
Leighton Durney
Leighton Durney
Marius and Jeltje
Marijke Klumpers

Dr. Gary Cook

Danny Thorn

Sylvia Vowless QSM

Kim Knight

Marius and Jeltje

Marijke Klumpers

We believe that life can be awesome, fabulous, empowered and inspired!

Top 5 Reasons to attend our One-Light Gathering

5.  All-Star line-up of 9 of the greatest teachers and visionaries
4.  Discover how to expand your heart, mind and spirit – and life!
3.  Connect with your tribe in a supportive loving space
2.  Enjoy many amazing new experiences!
1.  #1 reason to attend is . . . you will never want to leave!

Limited Availability!

ICHEC – International Collaboration for Humanity’s Evolution of Consciousness

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Organiser: Sylvia Shanti Vowless QSM, Melchizedek Academy of Soul Education International Ltd.